San Miguel Playwrights Winter Showcase 2019

By San Miguel Playwrights (other events)

4 Dates Through Jan 20, 2019

This year’s Winter Showcase of the best short plays by San Miguel Playwrights has something for everyone: unwed mother potential, strange encounters, romance gone wrong, a great escape, a life changing visit, chicken snatching, and cold-case crime confrontation.  


Geoff Hargreaves offers his take on a mother’s angst in No Dirt Please.  The mother knows that sooner rather than later, her unmarried daughter (pretty but reckless) will find herself pregnant.  Her mother is sure of it; but what can she do? 

When washed-up comedian Billy Bouncer encounters a beautiful girl in a bar, this stranger seems oddly familiar.  In She’s not There, playwright Marilyn Bullivant explores how the devil these two could have ever met considering their lives are so different. 

After dating for several months, Marissa and Brendon prepare themselves for a sizzling romantic weekend but something unexpected goes wrong.  Sharon Steeber shows what happens when romance confronts science in For Sure. 

One of the inmates, err, residents at the nursing home has had it.  Now, the feisty 96-year-old Bernice is planning a jailbreak; what could possibly go wrong?  Bernice, by Tasha Paley, looks at what a woman can do, no matter her age, when she puts her mind to it. 

Kate is having the time of her life roaming the country in her RV.  But when it breaks down in Colorado and she’s stuck in a mechanics yard for the night, her adventure is put on hold - or is it?  In Sisters, Marthe Fraser shows what happens when an unexpected visitor can change one’s life forever. 

Someone is stealing Shirley’s chickens; but the foul filcher may be meeting with something unexpected on the next try, hot lead.  In Lauren Osornio’s Chicken Thief, things take a turn for Shirley and her husband Lester when she decides to spend the night in the chicken coop with a pistol. 

He’s a hardboiled true crime writer, she’s the sister of the victim in his last story and the two meet like a head-on collision in Anne Campell’s Twas a Dark and Stormy Night.  Tougher than a $2 steak, this encounter is a battle of wits as the past comes back to haunt them both.